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www.gobs.org (“us,” “we,” “www.gobs.org”) digital information network encourages all users (“you,” ”visitors,” “users”) to review and get familiar with our full list of Terms and Conditions.

Our website provides services to our users. The materials presented on it are only to be used for entertainment and information purposes.

This page will fully outline the terms of use of the website. By visiting, using, or downloading any content from www.gobs.org, all users agree to the Terms and Conditions outlined below.

1. Registration

Users are not obligated to register an account to obtain access to www.gobs.org news content. However, all visitors are allowed to register for a membership or sign up for the www.gobs.org newsletter.

Moreover, all users who apply for a newsletter subscription agree that they are aged 18 or older.

Website Access

All www.gobs.org visitors agree that the website is not to be held responsible in case of mistakes, losses, or damages that they could experience as a result of using any of the content published by us.

Users that are younger than 18 or are under the legal age of their jurisdiction must not enter online gambling sites.

www.gobs.org is not to be held responsible for damages that could result from the use of or even the inability to use the website. Additionally, www.gobs.org makes no warranties (implied and/or express) regarding the operation, activities, and content on the website.

2. Use of Materials Published on www.gobs.org

www.gobs.org Content

www.gobs.org website is intended for personal and non-commercial use only.

Furthermore, copyright and intellectual property laws fully protect all material that appears on www.gobs.org. The copyright laws of the United States of America, and international copyright treaties protect the content on this website on a global level. This content, including all texts, illustrations, design, images, and other materials, is protected under the previously mentioned laws and owned by www.gobs.org.

Some content on www.gobs.org could be owned by third-party sources. In such cases, www.gobs.org does not claim any ownership of those materials. www.gobs.org does not represent these materials. www.gobs.org is not to be held responsible for a possible breach of the terms of those third parties regarding the use of their content.

Copyright Restrictions

By visiting this website, users agree never to utilize it for commercial purposes. Additionally, you are not allowed to use any content presented on our pages for commercial or any other purposes without prior approval from www.gobs.org.

You cannot copy, display, distribute, rent, sublicense, alter, transmit, reproduce, or store www.gobs.org content for commercial purposes.

Furthermore, www.gobs.org allows you to download, store, or print its published content. However, in case you choose to do so, you must only utilize these materials for personal use; otherwise, you will be in breach of these Terms and Conditions and will suffer legal consequences.

In case of unauthorized use of the content on www.gobs.org, you could be in violation of copyright laws, intellectual property laws, trademark regulations, privacy laws, and communications regulations. And if you are found responsible for breaking www.gobs.org copyright rules, we are legally permitted to enforce our rights. In such cases, the law permits us to pursue legal actions.


www.gobs.org and affiliated parties solely own the logos and other trademarks appearing on www.gobs.org.

Moreover, visitors or registered members are not allowed to use our trademarks without prior permission from www.gobs.org. Unauthorized use of all www.gobs.org trademarks is prohibited.

3. Data Protection


By using our website, you are also automatically agreeing to the www.gobs.org privacy policy. To review the kind of personal data we store and find out how we use it and how we keep your private details secure, we firmly advise you to read our privacy policy.


www.gobs.org will not be held responsible for damages inflicted by viruses or malware or any other damages to computers or mobile devices that could arise from the use of www.gobs.org.

Links and Third-Party Content

www.gobs.org might include links directing you to other webpages. Those links are included only for the convenience of the user.

This website will not be held liable for the content originating from other websites. Moreover, the links to third-party materials on this website do not imply sponsorship, affiliation, approval, or endorsement of those sites by any means.

Moreover, www.gobs.org is not in control of the terms and conditions or privacy policies of those third-party websites. Upon accessing any third-party content, be aware that it is solely on your responsibility and at your own risk. Additionally, we do not stand behind or guarantee the quality or accuracy of the content provided by those third-party websites.

4. Changes and Revisions to These Terms and Conditions

All visitors must note that we are permitted to occasionally modify, update, and change these Terms and Conditions at our own discretion.

In the event of updates and revisions, this page will be modified to include the changes. The updated rules will be valid from the time of publication on www.gobs.org.

Additionally, we may post a notice at the top of this page and/or notify registered users or subscribers via email prior to implementing any changes. It is users’ responsibility to review these terms for updates frequently. As soon as the Terms and Conditions changes become valid, all visitors automatically consent to them.

5. Governing Law and Jurisdiction (for US Users)

These Terms and Conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United States of America.

6. Restrictions

All users agree never to use the website to post, upload, email, or share any materials or content that they are not legally permitted to share or transfer.

7. Terms and Conditions Violations

If a visitor breaks these Terms and Conditions, www.gobs.org has permission to act in accordance with the law. In case of a violation, we have the right to ban the user’s IP address from accessing www.gobs.org or, as stated earlier, pursue legal action.


For any inquiries regarding the www.gobs.org Terms and Conditions, feel free to contact our team via email address provided in our “Contact Us” section.

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